Wk 11- Artist Convo#8: Caryn Aasness

Exhibition Information

Artist: Caryn Aasness

Exhibition:  To Call it Cute is to Misunderstand

Media: Fiber, Textile

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

About the Artist:

Caryn Aasness is pursuing her BFA in Fiber Art. Her grandmother was her main guidance in showing her how to sew. She is interested in the different techniques of sewing. Aasness wanted to step out of her comfort zone, and added fiber into her work for this exhibition.

Formal Analysis:

To call it Cute is to Misunderstand includes many different colors ranging from green, red, purple, yellow that are all sewn together in fiber textile pieces. Each cloth has words in them. Beside each cloth, there was a paper decoding what the cloths said. The paper had an alphabet grid with letters corresponding to the words that are in the cloths. Also, her artist statement paper was interesting because it was in a form of a concept map used in magazines.  

Content analysis:

To Call it Cute is to Misunderstand was difficult to interpret because of the coding that was involved. The longer pieces of cloth took a shorter time to finish as opposed to the shorter cloths. Aasness wanted to challenge her audience in decoding the quotes, and not including a grid of paper for the main cloth that reads “To Call it Cute is to Misunderstood.”The letters on the grids of paper are to be read from top to bottom.  She challenged herself by including fiber in her sewn pieces. Aasness expects many people to see her work and say “Aw, how cute,” and not put too much attention to it, and that is another reasoning for including the coding to challenge and intrigue her audience.

Synthesis/My Experience:

To Call it Cute is to Misunderstand was completely different and unique. I loved that you have to challenge your brain to read from top to bottom rather than the norm.  This exhibition looked time consuming, especially with the different colors and lengths. The colors that were chosen for the cloths remind me of Mexico, which is where my mother is from. My mother has many blankets that are from Mexico, that include many of the colors that were chosen to make these cloths.


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