Wk 10- Artist Convo #7: Daniela Ionescu

Artist: Daniela Ionescu

Exhibition: La Blouse Roumaine

Media: Fashion, Silk, Textiles

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

About the Artist:  

Daniela Ionescu is pursuing her Masters in Art History. She moved from Romania about 17 years ago, and is now a wife and mother. The number three follows her around in her work, which is a representation of her, her son, and husband. She hopes to work in a museum one day, focusing in fabrics and clothing.

Formal Analysis

In the gallery, there are rare pieces of traditional dresses and Romanian blouses. Each wall of her exhibition consists of three pieces. Ironically, three people helped contribute to putting together the exhibition: Daniela, her husband, and son. This exhibition plays a tribute to all women and men who have created these art pieces generation after generation. Each traditional blouse and dress tells a story about Sibiu religion and their culture. Many fashion designers are inspired to incorporate these designs in their work today.

Content Analysis :

La Blouse Roumaine has clothing that consists of many colors that are meaningful to the culture of the Sibiu religion. The color black is prominent in many clothing because it represents richness and fertility. The meaning derives from the rich soil that they had. The color black is usually used on the lower part of the body, because of fertility. Many of the blouses has the color red and symmetric patterns, because it keeps bad spirits away. Ioneseu also includes a few posters in her gallery, which include pictures and short summaries of Henry Matisse whom is the creator of the Romanian blouse. She plans to frame these posters later in the future. Ioneseu’s favorite clothing in her gallery is Dinca Schileriu’s “schilaresc” style. This is her favorite piece of clothing because it was created by a male, which makes it unique in her opinion.

Synthesis/My Experience

I really liked this exhibition, because not much art that I have been exposed to in my visits at the galleries include history background incorporated to it. Walking into this gallery brought me back to memories of walking into clothing stores in Mexico City. Many of the stores from my culture include vivid and vibrant colors that appeal to my eye. Also, I like this exhibition because it brought to my attention that this generation doesn’t consider the history behind the clothing that we wear or the designs we see in the highest fashion magazines.


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