This week we met at the Japanese Garden on campus and I was awed about what a beautiful and relaxing day it was. I’ve only been to the Japanese Garden once, and this second time was much more relaxing. I also got to see a couple taking their engagement photos. This garden is such a beautiful place to see, photograph, and just enjoy.

First, I walked into the garden and saw many students already sketching, and many others feeding the fish and ducks. From where I was sitting, you were able to see the majority of the garden. I had a great view of the pond, pathways, bridges, trees, and fountains. I sat on the rocks with many other students whom were sketching as well. The peaceful atmosphere helped me concentrate in the different activities, such as the five minute drawing. I began with the 30 second drawings, hand sketch, and moved onto the five minute drawings. I’m not a great sketcher, but the view of the garden was so unbelievingly  beautiful.

I enjoyed this activity because it was completely peaceful to see life in the garden. I was surprised of how big the Koi fish are. A man was walking around the garden handing out fish food for the people to feed the fish with. I feed a few fish, and was able to touch the mouth of one Koi fish.


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