Wk 7- Artist Convo #5: Dulce Ibarra

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: Manos De Oro

Gallery: Max Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: N/A

Website: dulcesoledadibarra.com

Media: Mixed-Media Installation, Video, Found Objects

About the Artist:

Dulce Ibarra is a twenty five year old senior undergraduate student at CSULB, seeking a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in Sculpture. Ibarra was raised in Chino, California. Currently, she works for a  non-profit organization that teaches children about art. Ibarra believes that children should find a passion or inspiration for/from art at a young age. She is very prideful of her background, and of her father’s occupation. Ibarra hopes to one day gain pride of whatever she choses to do in life, just like her father.

Formal Analysis:

Manos de Oro was a project that consisted of many different gardening equipment, and a video production capturing her father gardening a home. All the machines and equipment were covered with gold. A few of the machines included turf attached to them. Heavier machines were placed on the floor, all around the exhibition floor, and other tools were hung against the walls. As for the video production, it included background music from Piero who sang “Mi Querido Viejo.”

Content Analysis:

Manos de Oro depicts the idea that Ibarra’s father’s hands are golden. His hands are seen as gold in Ibarra’s perspective, because she appreciates and acknowledges her father’s hard work that goes acknowledged. Ibarra understands that her father’s hard work gave her and her siblings the privileges that they have. She used to be embarrassed of the fact that her father was a gardener. She noticed that he was prideful of what he does for living, so she learned to change her perspective. The tools displayed in the exhibition are an extension of her father’s work. She covered many of the machines golden to represent the value she holds upon her father’s work. Also, Ibarra has a connect to the color gold; both her and her father are allergic to gold. Ibarra connected the idea that she is allergic to those who judge gardner’s and their lifestyle.

My Experience

Manos de Oro was a very touching project. I had an instant connection to Ibarra’s ideas and artwork. I grew up with a single mother, that has been a waitress for about 12 years now. Throughout my whole childhood, I was always embarrassed to share my mother’s occupation with friends that would ask. All my other friends had two parents, who were owners of businesses, or teachers of schools. My mother never finished school, and I felt that she did not have many opportunities that other parents had that finished their school careers. As I grew older, I learned to not be embarrassed, because just like Ibarra, I acknowledged that I had opportunities that other children did not have all because of my mother.  I was reminded of that embarrassment that I held upon my mother’s occupation, while I entered this exhibition.


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