Wk 6- Flipbooks & Zines: The Eye of Sahara

This week we worked on flip books and zines. I was familiar with making flip books, because everyone in middle school made them! It felt good bringing a small middle school memory back. Back in middle school, we would waste a whole packet of post-it stickies to make these flip books. This time, we actually had to make our flip books with flashcards. It was a bit difficult to punch the holes in the paper. After making holes, you had to put a string through it. I made my flip book  drawing of my eye blinking. At first, I just drew my eye, and later added on my eyebrow. The flip book looked strange without my eyebrow, so I decided to complete my flip book by adding my eyebrow. The most difficult thing about this activity was making all the shapes of the eye look similar, including my eyebrow and eyelashes. I did not color in my eyes hazel, because I liked how my flip book came out gray and white.




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