Wk 4- Automatic Drawing: Hourly Corn

My Experience: At first there were some giggles between my cousin and I, but after we let them all out, our hands began to move. At times it would feel as if she was moving the pastel pencil, but she wasn’t. Throughout the whole time, we had our eyes closed. We felt like it wouldn’t have worked if we kept our eyes open.For the first five minutes, we sat in complete silence. Then I decided to start talking, and our hands kept moving. For some reason, I thought if we were to start talking, our hands wouldn’t move. We ended up having a full conversation! We talked about how our day was going, and other assignments of homework we both had. Overall, it was my first time doing this, and it was really cool to see the ending result.

The Results: When I first looked at the ending result, I noticed this figure that looked like a corn on the cob. I’m not sure if it was because I was hungry, or whatever it may have been, but I outlined where I saw the corn on the cob in my drawing. I only used the pastel colors of green and yellow, so any figures I saw at the end I could outline in black. Another figure I saw in my drawing was an hourglass. I think I saw the hourglass because, while I was looking for another figure in my drawing, I was asking my cousin what time it was at the moment.


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