Art Activity #2: Landscapes With a Corpse- Scars

Dying-It’s not something I think about all the time, but I have thought about it and I know I’m not the only one. I’m not afraid of dying, I just hope that day doesn’t come anytime soon. I believe that God has a plan for everyone, even the way the person dies.  If I’m not at school or working, I’m in my car. I live about 60 miles away from campus. That’s 120 miles round trip, so I’m on the road for quite some time. For some odd reason, one possible way I think God would take me from this world is through a car accident. For this activity, I portrayed dying from a car accident. It was a little strange to photograph because I don’t ever want to be in that horrific situation. My neighborhood is usually calm with no cars around, and the only day I decide to have this photoshoot all of my neighbors are in their cars and every single one that passed by would ask if everything was okay. Some would even get out of their vehicles and many of them told me their hearts dropped when they saw me on the floor. My photographer and I  figured we wanted to take a few more shots without scaring any more of my neighbors, so we made a sign saying “this is for an art project.” I decided to have a little fun with this project, not just by being covered with blood, but adding some scars too. I think that scars have beauty to them, so I died with a few. carshot#2accidentheadshot


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